Listen to Music

Listening skills

Music is the popular literature of our modern culture. Songs often have interesting messages and meanings and certainly a wide range of vocabulary and expressions is used in many but not all song lyrics. So spending an hour studying a song and its meaning can be time very well spent. Every time your hear the song you will remember the words so this is a good way to learn new English words or expressions contained in a song. You will also enjoy songs more having understood the meaning of what is being sung. Finally Many web sites have discussions about the singer or group and the meanings of their songs so you can compare your interpretation to that of other people.

  • Choose a song with interesting varied lyrics you hear often.
  • Listen two or three times writing down the words you hear.
  • Try not to stop and start the song, it is better practice.
  • Check the Lyrics pages of the song. Compare what you have written.
  • Look up new words in the dictionary think about the song's meaning