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What is this ?

Language interchanges with people around the world you can teach them your langauge and they will teach you English. chatting or emailing and video conference are great ways to practice a language.

The virtual worlds such as Secondlife or Teen Secondlife are great and fun ways to meet english speakers and practice either written or spoken language. Secondlife often has between 60 and 80,000 people online at anyone time with over 15million registed users in the last 6 years, so you should be able to fine someone interesting to talk to !

Find language students from all over the world:

Conversation Exchange
The Mixxer
Language Exchange
Go Speaky
Open Language Exchange

free 5 min chat on phone or alarm call:

Interesting Chat software:
(Browser Chat)

Free English Courses with Chats:

Live Mocha Course
Busuu English Course
Babble chat

NON-FREE English Courses with Chats:

Executive English
Language Trainers